Azure Blockchain as a Service

Nearly 6 years after the launch, Microsoft is stopping its Azure Blockchain As A Service (BaaS). The service portal says

What happened?

This morning I saw our website ( had unusually high traffic. Few screenshots from the webmaster analytics page are below.

Further, the traffic was organic search!

The most important question these days is, “how will the current COVID-19 pandemic end?” While the equally important question is when will it end, but how it will end can also answer when.

Well, in my opinion, there are three possible ways the current crisis can end:

  1. We find the…

Looks like lock-down is extended (almost indefinitely for now) in most of the countries. Wondering, how long will the people, business and economy will continue to lockdown?

And why are we in lockdown?

Let us start with looking at a few data points

  • Total deaths in India per year is around: 98 Lakhs (9,800,000) [for the…

Swagger UI is one of the best and easiest API documentation rendering tools. With swagger UI docker, we can quickly set up an API documentation page for API defined using swagger specifications.

Note: If you just need multiple spec support, jump the next two sections.

Docker command line

Assume, we have a swagger…

The government of India declared Twentyone days lockdown, restricting the movement of the 1.3 billion population of India from the 25th of March. This was a preventive measure to check the spread of novel Coronavirus. …

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The goal of a smart video surveillance systems must be the prevention of potentially catastrophic incidents, rather than an investigation of past incidents. The prevention would need constant monitoring of video data, and human monitoring of video data is very labor-intensive and almost economically inviable. So, an option will be…

Chetan Kumar S

S Chetan Kumar is the co-founder and C.E.O of Aikaan Labs (, an Edge computing company. We help in performance management of edge app and infra.

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